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About Erion

Erion P. Davison was born November 7, 2000 in New Orleans, Louisiana to Angela Bird.  She has three siblings: Erica, Earea, and Erek.  At the age of 14, Erion accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior during the summer of her 7th grade year school year.  Erion has been a part of a nonprofit Christian program called 29:11 Mentorship Program for 4 years, and currently serves as the Student Leader President of this organization.  Being a part of 29:11 has helped her find her purpose, her calling, and her identity through the word of God.  She believes 29:11 has made a great impact in her life because the people there are running after the same thing that she’s running after--which is God.  There she knows she can have fun and still love God.

Erion wants to attend Pensacola Christian College to pursue a degree in medicine.  She aspires to become a sports therapist so that she can help athletes return to full performance after injury.  After she graduates from college, she will own a business where she will coach track and help injured athletes.  She has a passion for helping people.  No matter who you are or what you need her to do, she will get the job done.  She enjoys being around people that have a will to follow God--no matter how hard it will be, or no matter what people will say.

Erion is a daughter, sister, mentee, and now a new teenage author.  Her first book is entitled, Keep Running: How To Endure When Life Looks Impossible.  Her second book, Bold & Beautiful: 6 Things Every Female Should Know, inspires and empowers women of all ages. God has given her the courage to share her story throughout these books.  She believes that sharing her story could help those that may simply be tired of running in life.  Author Erion P. Davison provides a great plan of how anyone (young or old) could overcome any challenge when life attempts to get the best of you. 

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