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Sometimes, we are so busy with the things of life that we forget to add God in the middle of it - the one that gave us life to begin with!  This isn’t just another religious book.  This book is another avenue for you to get Jesus.  In order to have the life that you desire, you have to find your missing piece.  The potential of being whole, together, and having that beautiful image will never quite come together if God is not at the center.  God is...your missing piece!

The Missing Piece


Have you ever questioned whether or not someone really loves you? Have you ever done something that you knew wasn't right, but you did it anyway?  Have you ever felt so broken you thought you could not be repaired?  Have you ever felt ugly even when people called you beautiful?  Check out this book by young author, Erion P. Davison.  Her first book, Keep Running: How to Endure When Life Looks Impossible, touched the hearts of thousands as she shared her story at the age of sixteen.  Erion wrote this book (Bold & Beautiful) to inspire and empower women of all ages.

Bold & Beautiful

6 Things Every Female Should Know

by Erion P. Davison

Bold & Beautiful
Keep Running
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